Upland/Chaffey High School Districts Writing Contest

Story Writing

Have you ever wanted to write...
A short story? A poem? Something else?

Sue and Gary Ovitt, in partnership with Onlinbrary.com, are proud to present a writing competition for high school students in Southern California, in collaboration with the Inland Empire Daily Bulletin and The 20/20 Network. Winners will receive $100 and the overall winner $500.

Congratulations, Finalists and Winners!

Group Winner   Overall Winner
Name Entry Title Genre
Emily Taylor He Wants to Meet my Mother
Wyatt Lemoine Cheer Up
Mercedes Salazar The story of America
Brynna McGlothlin Echoes
Kelsang Donyo An Expansion on the Number Five
Robert Snyder Invisiboy
Zahabiya Campwala Bird of a Feathered Flight
david mir Hope.
Mario Canas Baena Butts
Debbie Devora Ashes and Feathers
Salma Valeria Torres Esperanza, Smile!
Amy Martínez My Friend Ana